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Camaraderie between Americans and veterans who are motorcycle enthusiasts, who were proud to serve their country, who honor America’s flag, and who respect their country and the rights of it citizens.


Support Your Local VOA!

The Veterans Of America Motorcycle Club, Inc. was founded in the late 1980's as a group of veterans who were serious motorcycling enthusiasts. To date we have two chapters in the state of Wisconsin. 

Our Mission

Veterans of America Motorcycle Club, Inc.

Bikers helping Vets!

For more than 25 years, VOA MC has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for area Veterans. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

Support Vets!

With your support we can and will make a difference in the lives of area Veterans in need!

As a group, we are involved with a number of events throughout the year:
Rock for Vets™ (a night of musical entertainment) and Pool For Vets (an 8-ball pool tournament).