​Rock for Vets! 2022

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Annual Boat Trip with the Vets.

** We would like to thank you in advance for your time, consideration,
participation, and dedication to our local area veterans. **

Rock For Vets™ is the major fundraiser put on by the Veterans of America Motorcycle Club,Inc.  The Veterans of America Motorcycle Club, Inc. was founded by local Veterans in order to serve our community.  We do so through involvement with, and contributions to, Veterans service groups and programs along with other charitable organizations that assist our fellow citizens in need. Our main focus though is on those who have served our country. 

Fundraisers are our way of raising money to give back to those in need.  Over the years we have tried many different ways to raise funds; some of these attempts have worked and others have not.  In 2010, Rock for Vets™ was conceived as a way to help bring awareness to our community in hopes of raising funds for those Veterans in need.  We began by planning a concert event allowing us to raise awareness while building camaraderie between our organization, other local area Veterans, and our community members.  We started small, with only 4 bands performing and a handful of raffles, but have since expanded our events and fundraising efforts turning it in to so much more.   Rock for Vets™ now includes, not only a night of musical entertainment, but also a pool tournament! We have also had a bowling tournament. And we are looking into doing a Dart tournament in the future!   As of 2020 we have successfully held eleven of our fundraising events with the amount raised getting progressively larger each year. 

I’m sure you can imagine the cost associated with putting these events on, which is why we are continually looking for others to help.   We have been fortunate enough each year in that the bands donate their time, equipment, and musical talents to our cause but we can’t stop there.   We continually reach out to our friends and family members for help along with others in our community and local businesses to help out where they can.   Whether this help comes in the form of time, merchandise, sponsorships, or monetary donations it all helps!    

In the years to come, we hope to continue expanding our efforts with Rock for Vets™ and its corresponding event.   Throughout the first ten years the community has shown just how much they do care about the Veterans of our country with their continued participation and support.   One of our future goals, with the help of sponsors like you, is to continue to expand our efforts and event.   We would like to move Rock for Vets™ to an even larger venue and possibly bring in a national recording music act to help further increase awareness, attendance, and participation while maximizing our fundraising efforts. 

In order to move this event to the next level, we are seeking the support of people and companies like you as we ask for help with donations and sponsorships.   By you agreeing to offer sponsorship, no matter how big or small, it shows your commitment to the cause, which we in turn will return the favor by letting others know.   Sponsorship could consist of just about anything that works for you and your company.   Something as little as a small monetary or raffle donation all the way to a large sponsorship for one of our pool tables, bowling lanes, or stages at our main event are available and will help. 

We strive to continue to make this an event the community can be proud of while showing their pride for our country's Veterans.   We want our Veterans to know that we haven't forgotten their dedication to our country and its citizens. We need them to know that we do still care and are more than willing to help. Always remember, freedom isn't free.  Our Veterans were, and continue to be, willing and able to give their all for us; it's time we return the favor by giving our all to those Veterans who may be in need.


Proudly Presents the 13th Annual Rock For Vets coming in 2022!  ​

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Veterans of America Motorcycle Club, Inc.

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