Veterans of America Motorcycle Club, Inc.

Remember the good times we had my brother-- Please remember me
Guess we really didn't have many
Remember the crys we had together -- Please remember me
Remember Hill 2 1 Bravo
The rain ----- That damn rain --Please remember me
Remember the first time we got shot at, boy was I scared-- Please remember me
Remember all the talks of home
The heat ----- That damn heat-- Please remember me
Remember that bunker ------------------- When it blew up-- Please remember me
Remember how scared I was
Remember the first time You put your arms around me and held me --- TO COMFORT ME --
Please remember me
Remember the Places we've been together--Can't say it was fun
Remember how we would wake up with the noise overhead --Those damn Guns
Remember the letter to mom telling her I was ok
Remember how I said I couldn't wait to go home
I didn't think I would go home like this--Please remember me
Remember how Mom cried.
God I wanted to tell her I would be ok now--Please remember me
There's those screams again
When I played my harmonica you said someday I would be up in Neon
Guess spotlights will have to do--Please remember me
Remember the crying, and a the fear heard out there
Remember our brother Sammy One Shoe--He's gone too--Please remember me
Remember that slop in a can they called food
Can opened good with a knife didn't it--Please remember me
Remember when you escorted me home
Remember the firefights under that damn hot sun ---- us greenbeanies didn’t run
You always called me your Brother
Now it means more than you will ever ever know--Please remember me
Oh by the way When you come see me--Put your hand on me, touch me, feel me, and
know that I always did my best for you ------- and Please Please

"Wildman" Bruce Kurth
7th Special Forces Group"Airborne"
Vietnam 1964-1967